To all the wild ones, raising wild things:

To all the moms who avoid mom groups and all the moms who are leading the PTA. To all the parents traveling the world with their kids and all the parents who haven't learned how to leave the house yet. To all the dads making sure there's food on the table and all the dads making the food on the table. To all the single parents who do both. To those raising the loud ones, the quiet ones, the curious ones and the hesitant ones. To everyone who's ever felt like they're way too much or not enough. 

This collection is for you. 

The rebels. The cowboys. The WILD CARDS.

Customer reviews
The colors, prints, fabric and sizing are amazing. I wish they had more prints cuz I think they are superior to anything else in the market.
— Rana A.
Our daughter is 11 days old and these muslin swaddles are the only thing she will let us put her down in! Not only are they super cute but they are so useful!
— Hannah S.
I love that Brixton Phoenix has a different style of kids clothes than most bamboo companies😍😍 we will be drop shopping from this company for sure.
— Carly H.
My daughter has eczema, and she lived in these pajamas whilst we got her eczema under control. The difference in her skin when she would wear these was mind blowing. Worth every single penny!
— Molly R.

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